Family & Veteran
Owned Business

Where it all began…

The building that now houses Store-Haus Self Storage was built in 1966 to house the manufacturing firm called Dav-Matic, Inc., a business originally started in Waterbury in 1949 by Anthony Polmon, a veteran returning from WWII. The Polmon family hoped that moving to "the country" would help the business keep machinists who had a tendency to jump between the many machine shops in Waterbury. That part of the plan didn't work out, but they never regretted moving to beautiful Southbury.

In 1975, David, the son of the founder and himself a war veteran, bought the business from his dad and ran it until 1987 when it became obvious that there was no future in manufacturing in Connecticut and the US in general. The production machinery was sold and the funds used to construct steel self-storage rooms inside the building, using about 2/3rds of the available floor space. Store-Haus opened it's doors to the first storage customer in July of 1988. Within a few short years, the original storage rooms were filled and in January, 1992, the rest of the floor space was built into storage rooms, bringing the total to 260 storage units.

The fact that the storage rooms are all inside a sprinkled and alarmed building means the contents of the rooms are secure. Off hours, the alarm system is monitored by real humans at a professional dispatch center. Because of the alarm system, there is no access to customer's storage rooms off hours. The storage areas of the building are heated to at least 60 degrees during the winter months.

Over the years we have received many compliments from customers who have needed to store the entire contents of their homes, to customers who just needed a small space to store their off-season clothes. Not typical of self-storage companies is an area of our building where customers can drive their vehicles inside to load and unload their items if the weather is uncooperative. Push carts are available to move items to and from the rooms.

Store-Haus fills an obvious need in the Town of Southbury. There are times when our inventory of one of more room sizes is completely occupied and there is a waiting list for those sizes.

Store-Haus today remains the only self-storage facility within the borders of the Town of Southbury.


Our Services

  • Steel Indoor Storage Rooms

  • 24 Hour Security

  • Indoor Load/Unload

  • 260 Units Available

  • Heated During Winter